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MP-900 infusion central monitoring system
- Smarter
WiFi connection enables remote and accurate observation of the infusion situations of over 500 infusion or syringe pumps, eliminating cabling problems.
- Safer
The syringe pump or infusion pump connected to the MP-900 does not support control operation, ensuring infusion safety.
Installation is simple. The MP-900 software can be installed on a desktop PC or tablet PC.
- function
Function of displaying all infusion information of the patient on the UI for unified monitoring
Smart sorting function (based on alarm time or alarm level)
VIP monitoring setting function
Function of editing patient data and prescription
Reliable and steady data encryption and redundancy technologies
WiFi connection function
WiFi connection, eliminating cabling problems
Implementing connection to the HIS/CIS system of a hospital
Implementing connection to the MP-900 infusion central monitoring system


- Easy to move, easy to transfer equipment;
- Metal material, solid and reliable, durable, can bear large weight of the equipment;
- Beautiful appearance and humanized design

Drop sensor

- Ensuring accuracy and normal infusion
- Safe and reliable, effectively monitoring whether infusion is abnormal

Rehabilitation product

- Disposable cuff
- Easy to wear, comfortable
- Low cost
- Health and clean, preventing cross infection
- Effective protection
- DVT preventive pump
Device operation without worry: Continuous and steady device operation is guaranteed, functions are complete, and performance is excellent.
Favorable benefit: The maintenance cost is controllable. Free maintenance helps to implement benefit growth.
Device maintenance: Free regular maintenance is provided to remove potential faults, avoiding the risk of medical dispute.
Clinical training: Training is organized at regular intervals based on actual customer needs.
All Medcaptain products support the repair service, eliminating the worries after warranty expiration. The original factory provides the repair service to ensure quality.
If required, call the customer service hotline: 400-809-3369.