Innovation, making services more considerate

In the light of the concepts “being close to health needs, innovating medical technologies, andproviding high-quality services”, Medcaptain truly understands customers’ health needs, developsand manufactures medical devices that can meet clinical needs by unremitting efforts andinnovation, and provides protection for life health. Meanwhile, Medcaptain provides high-qualityservices to ensure safe and efficient use of its products and guarantee the quality of the products within their service life. Medcaptain also provides professional, normalized, and innovativeservices to ensure consistent high-quality use experience of its products, making users feel comfortable and relieved when using its products. Innovation makes services more considerate.

Professional services, providing care all the way

Medcaptain has a service team consisting of trained and experienced factory engineers and channel engineers who have received strict training and passed strict assessment to provide you with professional services and provide care for the device all the time, ensuring safe and accurate medical treatment all the way. Medcaptain has a powerful clinical expert pool to provide you with professional clinical skill support. A professional call center and normalized service requirements are available to provide high-quality services, ensuring service consistency. Medcaptain is the first company in the infusion field that has the qualification of being an examination base for assessing the skill of a registered engineer of clinical medical engineering.

Being close to needs, providing efficient services

We pay a return visit and conduct preventive maintenance at regular intervals to ensure effective device operation. We adopt Internet plus platform to solve customers’ problems quickly. We have standardized service process and return visit mechanism to ensure that customers’ problems can be effectively traced and solved.

Innovative technologies, value-added services

Medcaptain keeps on investing in product and technology innovation and launches high-performance products meeting clinical needs continually. Meanwhile, by virtue of powerful technical support strength, Medcaptain provides complete services in terms of device function upgrade for customers, shares the scientific and technological achievements with customers, and promotes the advancement of medical level together with customers.