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Medcaptain Continues to Support the Development of Anesthesia Practice in China

October 31st has marked the beginning of the 27th Annual Meeting of the Chinese Society of Anesthesiology. It was organized by Chinese Medical Association and Chinese Society of Anesthesiology (CSA) and it is the largest gathering of anesthesiologists in the world. This year’s annual meeting took place from October 31 to November 3 in Hangzhou, an ancient city in China. It attracted over 12 000 participants and there were a total of 476 academic lectures held by various medical experts and academics from China and abroad. This year’s annual meeting addressed the issue of China’s manpower deficiency in anesthesia and stressed the importance of improving the overall level of anesthesia practice.


Medcaptain presented jointly with our strategic partner – Aspen Global Incorporated (AGI). In May 2016, Medcaptain has reached strategic cooperation agreement with English-Swedish multinational pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca which was later acquired by Aspen. The goal of this cooperation is to jointly promote total intravenous anesthesia (TIVA) and make the perioperative period safer and more comfortable by combining the highly acclaimed intravenous anesthetic with high-tech intravenous infusion equipment.


Visitors had the chance to see and learn about Medcaptain’s newest perioperative solutions, such as our HP series, which is Medcaptain’s most advanced solution in the infusion management field. Our HP-80 infusion workstation is designed to fulfill the needs of different departments in a single device.

Among the exhibited products was also our IVD solution - Haema T4 Haemostasis Analyzer which provides a comprehensive profile of coagulation in real time.

 Many visitors gathered at Medcaptain’s booth. Our staff spared no effort to answer all of their questions patiently and meticulously.


In addition, Medcaptain has used this opportunity to introduce the newest model in our airway management series – the VS-10H Video Laryngoscope. Developed under the academic guidance of many top airway management experts from China and abroad, the VS-10H Video Laryngoscope includes various advanced features such as the intelligent power management system, multimedia teaching function & anti-fogging solution. There are multiple different blades available, including the blades specially designed for infants, obese patients as well as difficult-to-intubate patients.

During the event, medical experts could participate in different workshops. The Sub-Committee of Airway Management of CSA organized a workshop on airway management and invited various experts to share their skills and knowledge. Medcaptain, as an appointed partner of the CSA, has provided support by giving participants the opportunity to practice using our VS-10H Video Laryngoscope. Medcaptain’s video laryngoscope offers great learning possibilities as it relies on HD video equipment to record the whole tracheal intubation process, stores the video files and allows users to rebroadcast them, making it a great tool for medical training.


Along with the development of anesthesia in China, the Annual Meeting of the Chinese Society of Anesthesiology has also witnessed a remarkable growth over the years. It continues to tackle outstanding issues in China’s anesthesia practice and to provide solutions for them. Medcaptain will also continue to support academic exchanges in the field of anesthesiology and will strive to provide better, more innovative and more efficient medical solutions for the sake of the future of anesthesiology in China.