On 25 January, a decision was made to build an emergency hospital in Wuhan in response to the novel coronavirus outbreak. At 8pm on February 8, the newly built Leishenshan Hospital opened its doors to first patients.

Once again, the Chinese Speed has captivated the world. This feat, however, could only be achieved by many people working together as one. It is in this spirit that Medcaptain – a Chinese medical device company dedicated to safeguarding people’s livelihood, health and safety, has donated 1.1-million-yuan worth of medical equipment to Leishenshan Hospital as our contribution to combating the epidemic. Equipment includes infusion pumps, syringe pumps, video laryngoscopes etc. In addition, Medcaptain has also donated 600,000-yuan worth of infusion workstations and other equipment to Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, which is one of the key hospitals treating coronavirus patients. 

The equipment donated by Medcaptain can be effectively used in treatment of severely ill patients suffering from novel coronavirus pneumonia. These include Medcaptain’s intelligent infusion system, which enables continuous infusion of multiple drugs and helps reduce hemodynamic instability. Easy to use & equipped with intelligent alarm system, it greatly improves the efficiency of intensive care treatment. In addition, Medcaptain also donated a number of VS-10 video laryngoscopes – the newest model in our airway management series. It comes with five different blade models, all of which are compatible with the main unit and disposable, in order to minimize the risk of cross-infection. 

While these products can be used to treat coronavirus patients, delivering them to the hospitals in need was a major challenge. It was Medcaptain’s Hubei marketing team, at the epicentre of the outbreak, that first joined the race against time. For nearly a month, every morning they would wake up at 6 o’clock and drive to the warehouse to collect the goods sent by Shenzhen headquarters. They would then proceed to deliver the equipment to hospitals and complete installation, often not returning home before nightfall. They also provided necessary operation training for medical staff. 

In the factories, Medcaptain’s manufacturing and supply-chain teams spared no effort to deliver reliable products at a fast pace. Driven by a strong sense of responsibility, they interrupted their holidays, said goodbye to their families and rushed back to work. They had to overcome various traffic hurdles. Some got off the train early in the morning and went straight to the factory. Some drove over 30 hours, crossing over 1600 km. Being part of the medical industry and more importantly, part of the society, people of Medcaptain have understood their responsibility in a situation like this and have rushed to offer their contribution.

Medcaptain will continue to support those on the front line against the epidemic and will work relentlessly to help overcome this crisis.