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World's 1st MRI compatible remotely controlled infusion workstation is coming

Do you have patients who require continuous infusion therapy during MRI examination?

Was there ever a surgery which needed to be performed in an operating theatre which supports MRI technology? For instance, brain surgery. In that case, how do you ensure safe administration of anaesthetic drugs? 

What will happen if normal infusion pumps from general ward are placed in MRI environment?

Can infusion pumps be monitored and controlled from a distance?


With the advancement of medical technology, diagnostic and clinical application value of MRI has risen significantly.  However, there are some challenges present when the patient requires continues infusion during MRI examination. In order to achieve MRI-compatible infusion system, two main issues needed to be resolved: 

    1.MRI scanners emit strong magnetic fields which can interfere with the normal operation of the infusion pumps and cause functional failures

    2.Infusion pumps contain electronic and mechanical components, which also interfere with the magnetic field of the MRI and causes image artifacts and eventually reduce image quality.

Meanwhile, when it comes to treating critically ill patients, time and space are of crucial importance. Medical technology companies are working towards maximizing the value of the care that the patient is receiving, while at the same time reducing healthcare providers’ workload. 

As an integrated perioperative solutions provider, Medcaptain provides an integrated solution for safe infusion administration in MRI environments, thereby bridging the distance while providing safe and infinite care in critical moments. 

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